2014 Single-Payer Strategy Conference

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This is a wiki for posting notes, photos, powerpoint presentations, and video of the August 2014 Single-Payer Strategy Conference hosted in Oakland, CA by Healthcare-NOW!, the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Healthcare, and One Payer States. To see what other conference participants have shared, click on the workshop or panel below that you're interested in.

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Single Payer Strategy Conference - Oakland, CA - August 22-24, 2014


Friday, August 22

One Payer States track, 7PM - 10PM

Labor Campaign for Single Payer track, 6PM-9PM

Saturday, August 23

One Payer States track, 8:30AM-1PM

8:45AM-10:00AM – First block of workshops:

10:15AM-11:30AM – Second block of workshops:

Labor Campaign for Single-Payer track, 9AM-1:30PM

Joint Programming: Healthcare-NOW!, Labor Campaign, and One Payer States

Sunday, August 24

Joint Programming: Healthcare-NOW! and the Labor Campaign

9:00AM-10:10AM – First block of workshops:

10:20AM-11:30AM – Second block of workshops:

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