How to Talk About the ACA in a State Campaign

Date and Time:
Saturday, August 23, 8:45AM-10:00AM, California Nurses Association HQ, Room C

Presenters: Sandy Perry, Low Income Help Center, and Donna Smith, Health Care for All Colorado

Description: A discussion of how to communicate about the Affordable Care Act (and share the single-payer message) in state campaigns for single-payer reform. Sandy will also inspire us with a message directed at lifting our energy and passion for health care as a human right.

Notes by Presenters and Conference Participants:
How to talk about the ACA in state single payer – Donna Smith and Sandy Perry
Wide range of opinions about ACA.  Ranges from Repeal to Something is Better than Nothing.  Is a baby step better?  People have to express their own experience about the ACA. But after copays and deductible, the savings are not so good.  Lets give it a chance?  How do we say there is more to do?  

We need to collect stories but not many are collecting the post ACA stories.  We need gut level stories.  A good opportunity to collect stories is often after a presentation.  PNHP needs to collect these stories from doctors.  People seem used to some horrendous stories.  California Nurses Association and Donna Smith are collecting stories (moc.liamg|okcisannod#moc.liamg|okcisannod).

One woman said that she goes to Farmers Markets to hear from everyone.  Gorilla videos (from the Occupy movement) can be a valuable tool.  We need videos of constituents who are screwed by the ACA.  Then show these videos to Congressmen.  Having video tools is important.  Those who have been hurt by the ACA are the next leaders of the SP movement. Ask people to write down their stories.  It is easier to edit written words as opposed to editing videos. 

Social media and Twitter is the new media.  NESRI (National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) is the group that follows human rights standards.  People are very concerned about violations of human rights.  Centrist democrats are often more difficult to bring to SP.  Labor should be on board.  The AFL-CIO passed Resolution 34 which calls for a social insurance model beyond the ACA.

We have to organize and educate.  We need a united population fighting for SP.  Where do we get the funding for staff post ACA?  We can regionalize across the state.  Let’s say we have seven regions?  We get $100 a walker x 10 walkers for each region.  7 regions x 10 walkers x $100 each raises $7,000.  How do we unify all the SP organizations?  The goal is a national plan, but because of the dysfunction of Congress, states will probably have to do it first.  We need to discuss fundraising.  Force a discussion of single payer in every state. You need to create coalitions.

State reports
Maine has a worse system post ACA.  You need to change the electoral system. Health care is a human right in Washington.  California politics shows that the business Dems have been bought and sold.  It is vital to have SP move forward after the Nov election.  As the ACA fails, and the tax consequences become more real, the country will be seeking an alternative.  The time is very good to advance SP.  But we need a bigger movement.  We need to find a friendly journalist to expose the "dark money".  We need to get the progressive groups to fight and name names.  We need to do more about the messaging about ACA vs. SP.  Coalition building is important.  Dental care is a huge gap in the system. We need to get the ACA supporters to be SP supporters.  We agree to build with the ALL CARE Alliance.  PNHP is working with undergrads and young people (student alliance).  

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