Immigrant Rights Organizing & the Single-Payer Movement

Date and Time:
Saturday, August 23, 2:05PM-2:25PM, ILWU Local 6 Hall

Presenters: San Francisco Supervisor David Campos and Lucia Lin, California Immigrant Policy Center

Notes by Presenter and Conference Participants:

David Campos – (9th district of San Fan county) – Another good thing about Oakland – can see SAN FRAN from this side of the bay – thank the folks who are wearing t shirt with quote from Dr. King – goes to the core of what we are talking about – talk about what is happening in San Fran.

We risked our lives to get here, undocumented, has affected the way in which I see the world – access to HC was simply not available to us – mom was paranoid to make sure that none of us got sick—for anyone of us getting sick – they didn’t know what that would mean – access? Be reported? Deported? That’s the reality that I grew up with — SAN FRAN at a crossroads in its history – symbolic of what is happening across the country right now—wealthiest in the country – most unequal in the country. Inequality in SAN Fran on par with Rwanda – impacting the daily lives of people in area of HC. Tom I?? started UHC in San Fran – just went through fight to keep it from working for all people – employer paid system – we had big problem – primarily restaurants – collecting a fee – 62 million to pay for HC for workers—only spent 20 percent of that money – the rest was pocketed – introduced law – spending it actually means spending it. Had a big fight against chamber of commerce – mayor vetoes – wasn’t until organizing of labor partners etc – not going to let the injustice stand – it isn’t right that the undocumented worker in that kitchen – is it right to deny that worker the ability to take their daughter to get medical treatment? I think not only we are fighting for UHC, but for the soul of SAN FRAN – fighting for who we are as a city – is it ok to leave people behind – non SAN Fran – also not CA and also not this country, I personally think that the industry is a big challenge , but some of the people that are getting in the way are the people who should know better (in CA) – until recently super majority of dems – who elected and ran on the promise of HC – I am running for state assembly because I am a dem because I believe that the dem party is supposed to stand up for the little guy—promise that HC is a universal right – power that is there is there to be used – everything else is just a bunch of lies as far as I’m concerned. As SF goes so does CA, as CA goes so goes the country – UHC!

Lucia Lin – CA immigrant policy center – expanding benefits – why the fight in this state is so important to all of us – state wide advocacy nonprofit. Fight on a variety of issues. Where we are in the state and the fight we want to be in with all of you – immigrant community very imp part of CA fabric. CA leading the way in terms of access.

Seen through the Obama administrations – escalation in boarder policing and deportation.

We are really excited that CA has been able to lead the way. Bill “Health for ALL” – excited to be here in this fight. Been a privilege to speak to you.

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