Labor and Community Collaboration: A Winning Combination

Date and Time:
Sunday, August 24, 9:00AM-10:10AM, ILWU Local 6 Hall, Auditorium 1 and
Sunday, August 24, 10:20AM-11:30AM, ILWU Local 6 Hall, Auditorium 1

Presenter: Gordon Mar, Jobs with Justice San Francisco

Description: Winning single-payer healthcare at any level in the United States will require a social movement that mobilizes communities and workers. Yet collaboration between community groups working towards single-payer reform and multi-issue organizations like labor unions, isn’t always easy or effective. This workshop explores how to build labor-community partnerships that work, building the movement we will need to win a just healthcare system.

Notes by Presenter and Conference Participants:

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Slideshows, Photos, and Video:

Gordon Mar of JWJ moderating, Rita Valenti of Healthcare-NOW! Georgia speaking at Labor-Community workshop (photo by Healthcare-NOW!):

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