National Coordinator’s Report

Date and Time:
Saturday, August 23, 9:05AM-9:30AM, ILWU Local 6 Hall

Presenter: Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign

Notes by Presenter and Conference Participants:

- the failures of the ACA are bringing people together, health care is a big concern at the bargaining table and unions are trying to hold on to what they have –a big Mayday rally is planned in Vermont in 2015, The Labor Caucus for SP is a national organization of 15 unions, Unite Here is working on multi-employer plans and many State and Central Labor Councils have passed resolutions supporting HR676 and made commitments to working for Single Payer

- many states are working on campaigns to pass state bills

-postal workers organizing to save post offices and fight privatization and they see that Single Payer would solve the problem of pensions which has caused the current crisis.

Unions have joined with Social Security Works and PDA groups to fight against the closing of Social Security offices and cutting back on services

-the right wing is trying to privatize the VA and take away benefits.

-at AFL-CIO convention they passed Resolutions 54 in support of HR676

-Senator Sanders sponsored a hearing with testimony from a Canadian doctor, French doctor and took the opportunity to dispel many of the myths surrounding the issue Subcommittee Hearing - Access and Cost: What the US Health Care System Can Learn from Other Countries –(Tuesday, March 11 2014)

-the US healthcare system is a model for businesses who want a private health care system

- 24 states opted out of Medicaid expansion this will cause 17,000 death due to lack of access to health care

-unions must do more not just focus on the next elections and “circle the wagons” –they need to organize and fight for the future and rebuild the movement –they need people, money and commitment

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