Roundtable on Strategy for the Single-Payer Movement: Where We Are & Where We Need to Go

Date and Time:
Saturday, August 23, 2:25PM-4:25PM, ILWU Local 6 Hall

Presenters: John Nichols, The Nation; Michael Lighty, National Nurses United; Fernando Gapasin, Portland JWJ and Health Care for All Oregon; Rita Valenti, Healthcare-NOW! Georgia; Donna Smith, Health Care for All Colorado; Vermont State Representative Kesha Ram; and Ethel Long-Scott, WEAP.

Notes by Conference Participants:

–John Nichols –Nation Magazine, PDA-We need to talk strategy and work in the context of other movements – we need fundamental social change and political change. Democrats are supporters but not voting for it – if they support it they need to organize to pass it. Labor needs to be consolidated for SP and not just pass resolutions. We need to build support and organize nurses, doctors, seniors. We need to take on Democratic party politicians –unelect those who pretend to be supporters-villify the insurance companies and identify the advisory –we need to fund public health and community clinics –we need to consolidate our base and win over ACA supporters, support ballot initiatives. Nurses are finding that changes brought by ACA are not good for patients and some of IT impacts negatively on how we experience and deliver care- unions and communities of color want Universal Health Care.

Ethel Long-Scott-WEAP- Oakland CA -we need to involve young people and the poor .and learn lessons from Ferguson-we need to unite our movements and work together.

Rita Valenti –Atlanta GA, in Mississipi if you make over $6200 with family of 4 you don’t qualify for Medicaid so without the Medicaid expansion in southern states many people will not be serviced and will die. Computers impact on nurses and patients –focus on computers instead of looking at patients- should be basing service on needs. –need to organize and build a political force in the south.

Kesha Ram – Legislator in VT – first elected at age 21, need to bring progressive issues to the table, she has been supportive of their legislation toward SP, they are currently working on the benefit package, next will work out the financing - cost of $10B – people are upset with what they are getting on the exchanges- Vt. needs all the help they can get both financially and with volunteers – planning big Vt. Mayday rally in 2015.

Slideshows, Photos, and Video:

Video of the Strategy Roundtable (by laborvideo):

Video of Ethel Long-Scott (by Joan Simon):

Video of Rita Valenti (by Joan Simon):

John Nichols of The Nation and MSNBC (photo by Healthcare-NOW!):

Michael Lightly, Director of Public Policy at the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United (photo by Healthcare-NOW!):

Ethel Long-Scott, Executive Director at the Women's Economic Advancement Project (photo by Healthcare-NOW!):

Vermont State Representative Kesha Ram (photo by Healthcare-NOW!):

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