The ACA, Collective Bargaining, and Multi-Employer Plans

Date and Time:
Friday, August 22, 7:50PM-8:20PM, ILWU Local 6

Presenters: Jim McGee, ATU; John Brouder, Boston Benefit Partners; Rich Austin, ILWU

Notes by Presenters and Conference Participants:

ACA has redefined affordability downward and has weakened insurance protections that people with insurance previously had- there are too many plans and the plans you can afford to buy you can’t afford to use if you get sick

-with the Bronze plan the ACA has institutionalized 60% coverage –union plans are better than that – public employees health care costs are 6 times higher than in 1999 –in the state of MA. the budget for health care has increased by $7.3 billion when every other line has gone down.

-the bulk of the plans in MA used to be indemnity plans now they are high deductible plans – the ACA has allowed this to happen.

-as part of the ACA the “Cadillac tax” will impose a 40% excise tax starting in 2018 will affect 20-50% of workers depending on the state-. In negotiating contracts “maintaining current benefits” is a must – need unqualified labor unity to work for scraping the excise tax as short term goal and to work for Single Payer for real change

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