Working with R’s, D’s, and I’s to Win State-Based Single Payer

Date and Time:
Friday August 22, 7:30PM-8:30PM, California Nurses Association HQ

Presenter: Chuck Pennacchio, Health Care for All Pennsylvania

Description: Advocating successfully for the Single Payer Solution requires working across the political spectrum, adopting flexible approaches (Economic, Political, Moral), identifying common ground, building on agreement, avoiding ideological conflict — and emphasizing quality, pragmatism, efficiency, savings, job growth, choice of provider, comprehensive care, transparency, patient provider decision-making, standards-based medicine, K-12 health education, certificate of need, retention of docs and nurses, downward pressure of property taxes, reduced med-mal insurance, elimination of medical bankruptcy, shrunken workers compensation costs, improved global competitiveness, better health outcomes, fair-priced prescription drugs, mental health, dental care, emergency transport, hospice care, addiction treatment, preventive medicine, vision care, and alternative medicine…alas, civilized healthcare for all…

Notes by Conference Participants:

Chuck Pennacchio discussed that we need to discuss SP with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Only concentrating on one party prevents us from having broad support.

Presentation notes from Chuck Pennacchio:

Why R’s? Politicians? Rank-and-file? How to frame/blend below arguments?
Why D’s? Politicians? Rank-and-file? How to frame/blend below arguments?
Why I’s? Politicians? Rank-and-file? How to frame/blend below arguments?

Single Payer is a non-partisan solution to a non-partisan problem. Think methodology over ideology. Value over emotion.

Economic argument: fiscally conservative/sustainable, savings, jobs, efficiency, shrink bureaucratic war (insurance vs. provider, etc.), bulk-purchasing, entrepreneurial activity, business advantages (time, hassle, staff, competitiveness, budgeting, hiring, investment, workers comp, creativity, end job-lock/drag on economy), tampers down defensive/kick-back medicine, fair tax-funded, market-based/consumer-driven = patient choice of provider by SP

Political argument: fair-share tax (everybody in, nobody out), no more bait-and-switch, rational (not rationalized), medical industry out of money-centered politics/out of the board rooms, winnable/state-by-state strategy, “timing” (given anticipated problems with ACA, per Walter Tsou)

Moral argument: cradle-to-grave, comprehensive, quality, affordable healthcare; patients over profits, patient-centered healthcare (decision-making), ends medical bankruptcy, ends medical-loss/profit-first “system” of funding, no more obscene CEO/admin salaries/medical-loss/profit-first/denials/cost-shifting, local hospitals/clinics/care

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Two presentations from David Rabin, Institute for Universal Health Care, on single-payer messaging that crosses party lines:

Chuck Pennacchio, Health Care for All Pennsylvania (photo by Healthcare-NOW!):

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